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#Starstruck #Starstruck by Sariah Wilson
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So what constitutes a 4.5/5 star review for me? If it gives me the feels. If it makes me laugh out loud like a crazy person and want to throw my kindle across the room. If right after I read it, I want to read it again, skipping sometimes to my favorite parts. If it sticks with me in a good way and I smile. But most of all IF I would tell my book besties about it and tell them to read it and if I remember the name of the characters the next day.

There are 3 types of books in the romance field when it comes to sex it seems.
1. They use sex as a main plot line - this makes it take over and actually get tired of all the time spent on the vertical mambo.
2. The book uses it as an enhancer - the characters naturally fall into sex, but it doesn't take over the book, rather used to enhance the story line/relationship
3. The book is clean - there might be some heavy making out, but there is no actual sex.

This book falls into category 3. If you're looking for a light hearted, smile worthy read, look no further. I laughed, I yelled and then I laughed some more. If you're a part of the Twitterverse you know how big it is and the chances of getting a celeb to answer you? Slim to none. When this happens to Zoe, you can tell she doesn't believe it's Chase, but rather a PA. As it turns out it is her celebrity crush and then it grows from there.

Zoe is different as she is saving herself for marriage. Chase doesn't believe in marriage. This is actually a mature conversation that takes place, both agreeing to see where it takes them. The interactions are sweet. Chase's tweet about Zoe are very sweet. He makes sure that she knows that he's thinking of her or that the tweets are about her. The individual struggles these two face make them more human and isn't over done or brought up repeatedly for dramatic effect. They both have issues and insecurities. I like that when things happened Zoe was upfront with how she was feeling/thinking. Chase, I believe, could have been developed a little more. This may have been because the whole story was told from Zoe's pov. I really wish that the book would have switched back and forth between perspectives. The wit of both characters is wonderful in this book. Zoe is nerdy without being over the top. Chase adoring without being eye rolling. It does follow a standard plot line, but it's not drawn out or over too quick. Forgiveness is worked through and somewhat earned. (This is where the book would have been so much better with dual POV. We don't know what Chase went through or brought him to final thought process.)

The ending was complete, but could be carried on. (Much like the Hashtag Series by Cambria Hebert). The tweets enhanced the story. The characters are easy to relate to. Pace was good, as was the flow.

I would recommend this book. * 4.5 STARS *

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