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Ghosted Ghosted by J.M. Darhower
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ghosted. The title is misleading, it’s not the about the slang term it’s named after, but rather something else. I really, really liked this book. It contains events that are identifiable, scenarios that are believable, issues to be worked through, forgiveness and a love that deserves a second chance.

This books starts off with a flash back. These happen very often in the book and are written from the h point of view (Kennedy). It interlinks the past with the present in a way that is kind of unusual. She writes her experiences as if she’s narrating a story. By the time I got to the last entry, I could in a sense relate to Kennedy and the onion ninjas came out to play. As the book goes on, it tells the story of love, loss and the decisions that were made that lead to place where they need to learn about what becoming adults and family is.

While there are some things in the story, like Johnathan being a celeb, which I couldn’t relate to, I could relate to Kennedy. I did read a review that labeled her as weak, but I would beg to differ. She’s not weak, she’s cautious about letting her daughter enter a situation like the one she ran from. She’s also guarded and scared of her feelings for Johnathan. All of these things are normal for someone who’s been burned and is a single mother on top of it. The way she tried to overcome these and get past her fears was actually something that was very well written. At no time did I think she was weak, I think she was human. Anyone who’s been in a similar situation will understand and empathize where she is coming from. It’s easy to put yourself in her shoes if you’ve ever had to compete with someone or something so big you knew you wouldn’t win. In doing so you lose your self-confidence, the sense of your purpose and become insecure, but when there’s a child involved, pick yourself up to make the hard decisions.

Johnathan is human. He’s made mistakes, big ones. It took some time for him to realize that he was messing up his life. Was he a jerk? Yes. Did he have to hit his own rock bottom and try to climb up? Yes. Was he weak letting his life get that way with poor decisions? In my opinion, very much so. Did have to prove himself, working on the rift that separated him and his young daughter? Yes again. The fact that he made the effort, he saw the error of his ways and wanted to fix them is a wonderful part of the story. He’s human and fallible. He has things to prove and demons to slay. Things that he needs to learn to see from Kennedy’s stand point more than his own.

This is a romance novel, but at the same time much more. There are parts where the little girl will make you cry, the diary will make you cry, the love will make you smile, the road to healing will make you cheer and there times when your heart will break. This story is one I remember from beginning to finish and I actually read it several months ago. It is one I would re-read as well. I won’t say it’s full of angst and over the top drama or action (some parts did drag a tad), but it’s enough to keep the story going. The situations are reasonable, not far-fetched. I recommended this book several times over. No grammatical errors that made me growl.

No distracting misspelled words as well. The book was very well thought out and put together. The heat was good, but didn’t take over the book as a focal point.

*** 4.5 STARS***

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