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(Book 2 Fateful Series)

The Fateful Trilogy continues with Fractured. No, it’s not called Fractured because Ethan and Danielle break case you were wondering.

They had thought they’d escaped most of the danger surrounding them, when in truth they’ve made it worse by unintentionally sparking a civil war amongst vampires. Many vampires want to protect them for discovering the cure to the curse binding their kind. However many more want to destroy them for that same discovery.

Ethan’s and Danielle’s struggle for survival intensifies while they sink deeper into the midst of this danger. The romantic fairytale bliss they once had will soon fracture under the pressure of the curse....

(I love how she assures us that they don't break up, I thought it was sweet ^^)

We join Danielle and Ethan (who is now human) who are now famous for the conversion back to humanity. Most would think this would lead to the happily ever after, but not so in their case. While some most hate that they have found a cure to the curse, others want the cure....badly. While their relationship flourishes, it's cute to see them interact despite all the chaos their relationship has made. Some portions of Ethan's romantic side did have me giggling as it seemed to me was over the top, for most it will be entirely just right. I have to say that I fell in love the side characters more than the last book. The quirky, most of the times funny/heartwarming portyal of them left me wishing that they were real and I had to chance to meet them. Out of all of them I would have to say that the Highlanders and Max are simply my favorite. The Black Prince touched a chord in me as well (I likened him to the same character in Blood Ties the series) and laughed at his expense several times. They are heartwarming in their old fashioned ways, but very comical in others. The interactions in the house during Danielle's imprisonment for her safety had me feeling for the poor guys.

Not all situations in this book are happy or cheery but at the same time nor are they depressing. (There is a tissue moment in the book, you have been warned!) Even though Danielle lost some of the independence she showed in the first book, it was nothing to make me want to throw my Kindle across the room screaming "seriously?!" She becomes somewhat more dependent on Ethan, but does show her old spark at several times in the book. While Ethan is truly romantic and loving at some points his "old time" views show themselves heavily. There is always the question of how much he likes being human or does he simply hate that he is now in a sense weaker. The chapters fly by, but the ending did feel a tad rushed. While the book basically built up to a journey and a battle, it was over fairly quickly not even covering a full chapter. The feeling that it was squished or rushed there may simply because it's not the main focus of the book. Personally a little more time with the build up and searching for both Benjamin and Lilth wouldn't have been unwelcome. I would have to say I was waiting for the book to "end" and leave us hanging cliffhanger wise to start up the excitement of the journey and battle. Ethan's quick decision at the end had me wondering since he had been so conflicted during the rest of the book for his previous decision (I can't say more without giving it away). Even though there were some small disappointments, this is a great book. The quickness of the ending and the way it ended had me hoping for a third book (which is in the works now) as it seems to leading to somewhere else.

This author has become a favorite and I can't wait for what else she has planned. I'm looking forward to where the next book will take us.

RATING: ☆☆☆☆


Thanks again! All my best, Cheri

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