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Beautiful Bastard Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I bought this book in paperback form. I looked at the reviews beforehand, I feel completely mislead. I had to force myself to finish this book. It wasn't horribly written in a grammatical sense, but there was really no story, just sex. Lots of sex. I didn't even understand how these two could "fall in love" with each other. The H falls first and drags the h along the way until the end.

The h was a complete drama queen. I don't want to put spoilers in, but even at the end she takes one word and blows it completely out of proportion. She does this a lot. The book is mostly her getting dramatic and then pages of sex. There is no building of a relationship. No talking to get to know each other. They work together, berate each other, move on to sex and then somehow fall in love. Most of the time I felt sorry for the H because the h was a dramatic shrew. The timeline also made little sense. (small spoiler) while she was with original agency for almost a year putting together a final presentation for her MBA, she leaves dramatically, ends up at a small agency to put together the same thing in less than 5 months. Ummmm ok?

I understand the premise of fraternization, it's a real thing. But this book isn't about that, isn't about people falling for each other than having a great time in bed. 3/4 through the book she's still calling him names and being a jerk. I kept reading hoping it would be better, but it never did. It's not a book I would recommend. The characters are forgettable, the story line is boring and predictable. The h is hard to like at all, the H is supposed to be strong, but ends up being a jelly fish. I forced myself to finish it.
*One star*

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