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This prequel to Satin and Steel is told from Dax's perspective. Earning the Cut reveals intimate details about Dax's past, including his rough childhood, his relationship with Trish, and of course, how he became the tough, alpha male vice president of The Phantoms motorcycle club. Just like Satin and Steel, this work is loosely inspired in part by the hit television show, Sons of Anarchy. While characters may appear similar to characters on the show, this is original work that does not infringe upon any copyright.

So, if you like tall, muscled, tattooed bikers and want to know how one troubled boy transcended his past to achieve status in an outlaw motorcycle crew, check out Earning the Cut! 
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"No bird flies a straight line, but I’ve landed here, and here is where I’m gonna stay.  I’m gonna live this life right.  Never forget where I came from. That’s all I can do.  That’s what earning this cut means to me." - Dax Earning the Cut

If you have read Satin and Steel, it may have crossed your mind on the how’s and why’s in Dax’s life. Well this novella will helpfully help you understand the beautifully conflicted hot alpha male and the way his mind somewhat works.  For those who had issues with Satin and Steel being closely influenced by SoA (Sons of Anarchy), hopefully this novella will put it in a different light. While the beginning is a tad slow, it is worth the whole read to get to the end.  The story is told entirely from Dax’s point of view.

From the beginning I have to say that it’s a little slow. There is a reason for this, and the reason is important. The beginning is told from a small child’s point of view. Keeping this in mind is important because when you are small, descriptive abilities and words are very limited. Dax’s childhood isn’t anything less than heartbreaking. To see what he went through is hard to take, especially if you are a mother. There were times I wanted to reach through the book and jack slap his mother.

As we move onto his teenage years and see how he views the world after growing up in the system. We also see how his love for Trish started and how it tentatively ended. Also while I disliked Trish in SS I have to say it may have helped my opinion of her, but didn’t totally alleviate the irritation I have with her for both her assumptions and expectations of Dax. You will either love or hate the relationship, but it is the type of young love that is almost destined for the end it received. I have to say that this seriously evoked some emotion from me, as I couldn’t agree with the decisions made by Trish in the end, although I understood the reasons behind it. 

When Dax joined the Phantoms and the feelings and longing behind it was interesting and touching. The way he earned his cut was pure heartbreak. It’s hard to describe the interactions without giving to much away, as it is with most of this book. 

Again I will state that this is worth the read. It will separate in your mind SoA and SS. The relationships in Dax’s personal life are so different than those in SoA, it’s like apples and oranges. All in all it’s a good standalone read that will compel you to read Satin and Steel if you haven’t already. After reading it, I reread SS just because it evoked that emotion in me. You can see where Dax would be conflicted about what his place is due to his upbringing, but that’s in the next story (and why you should get it). 

All in all I give this novella 4.5 bookmarks.  Read it, you’ll love it. J
*I was given an ARC for an honest and true review. But I bought it too anyway. ;)*


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